December 5 2016 Lava Boat Tours

Today we had an 8 am tour and a 3:30 pm tour. The ocean conditions at this time are great as this is some of the nicest conditions we’ve had since the ocean entry started. On our 8 am trip we saw the lava gushing out from the exposed tube was now flowing like a waterfall down the cliff side. The wind was light, but was blowing enough for us to get a good view. We had heard from the other captains that the viewing had been a little bit tougher during the 5 am tour. Lucky us!….

Our 3:30 pm tour saw a big change from our 8 am trip. A new lava delta (bench) is being formed and the lava that was gushing out earlier had now been encased ┬áby hardened lava, but we were able to see into the encased area slightly. We could also see that there were a few surface flows on the small newly formed bench area. Awesome time to book a tour guys!… Contact us at 808-345-4964 or visit Aloha!image


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