Welcome to Kalapana CulturalTours. We provide Hawaiian Culture tours, Extreme lava hikes, Bike tours, Eco hikes, Hunting tours,

Fishing tours, and Lava Boat tours. We are a private tour company that is based and operated out of the rural district of Kalapana. Our Guides and employees

are descendents of the Native Hawaiian families that thrived and called Kalapana their home. Experience the culture and the way of life with the people who lived through it.

Once a picture perfect setting and native Hawaiian village and now a culture lost to Pele’s fury. This area harbored some of the last refugees of the native Hawaiian way of life. Far away from western civilization, here were true Hawaiian people living the Hawaiian way for generations. The Hawaiian way of life practiced everyday was fishing, hunting, farming, Paniolo (cowboy) life, music and enjoying what Akua (God) had to offer.

But life in Kalapana had it’s changes. Our fire goddess Madam Pele had her own plans for Kalapana. In a period of lava flows starting from the early 1980’s till present time, she destroyed the whole ahu’pua’a (district) of Kalapana, leaving hints of civilization behind. Homes, properties, and businesses were destroyed, and ancient ruins were engulfed in lava. But the most important thing that was lost was the culture and the way of life of the Hawaiian people that lived here and lost everything in front of their own eyes. Generations of perpetuation was lost in one generation. A few families had been spared by the lava, and not all had been lost. Life in Kalapana still lives on. These families are what’s left of Kalapana, Culturally and educationally.

We are proud to say that the next generation is reviving what has been lost for decades and is living off what is left of this old Hawaiian way. Something that was almost devoured in a generation has been turned around and perpetuated in the same generation. The love and desire of the Hawaiian way of life and culture will not be lost in an area of true Hawaiian people, people who have the desireto live as their ancestors did for centuries.

Come and experience the true way of life in Kalapana. Take a break from your fast/modern world and enter ours, explore the edge of creation with Kalapana CulturalTours. Hawaiian style!!!


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