Guided Lava Hike-April 28, 2013

Aloha Folks! More awesome lava activity tonight. The surface flows were amazing as well as the ocean entry. The newest ocean entry that was flowing last night had stalled again and was not flowing when we got to our tour area, but there was a surface flow that was making it’s way towards the ocean and was within 20 feet from the cliff edge. This flow was an A’a flow, which we don’t get to see very often. This a’a lava crumbles and falls apart very easily. The ocean entry that was further away from us was flowing extremely well and could be seen from our area. We did get a little damp towards the end of our trip, but nothing too bad. A beautiful night, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-April 27, 2013

Aloha! Great activity tonight! Multiple awesome surface flows that we were able to safely approach. Lots of activity! The ocean entry was really active, but the new ocean entry finger was stalled when we got there. During the time that we viewed the lava, this stalled ocean entry inflated enough to breakout and flow into the ocean again. What an awesome sight. The wind was blowing the steam and any fumes away from us, adding to our already wonderful evening. The surface flow on the pali is also advancing slowly and was casting a bright glow onto the clouds. This was caused by the big breakouts of this surface flow. Another awesome Guided Lava Hike with lots of lava activity, Aloha!

April 26, 2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha! New ocean entry and very easy to view. Lots of activity was seen in the surface flows as well as the ocean entry. The new ocean entry could be seen going into the ocean. This new ocean entry started early Thursday morning and because it is new we are able to get close to it. We can get close because the cliff side which it is flowing down is the old flow and not a lava bench, which makes it stable. Multiple surface breakouts were seen and our groups were able to safely get up close them. The surface flows on the pali could be seen clearly and it has made progress downhill. Awesome, awesome action!

April 25,2013 Guided Lava Hike Update

Aloha everyone! Lava continued to be very active on the coastal plains and also on the Pulama Pali. Lava view was incredible. The surface activity continued to be creeping it’s way towards the ocean at a slow rate but very steady. A new ocean entry had started but very small at this time. The surface activity above the new easterly ocean entry stole the show last night. Beautiful rivers of cascading Lava continued to flow over a 15 foot steep decline just before the cliffs edge. Our guests were able to get right up to these beautiful Lava flows. Come and join us on our next tour. We will guarantee you to see Lava. ALOHA!

April 24,2013 Lava Hike Updates

Aloha! New ocean entry appears in the forecast. We will be having a new ocean entry or already have a new ocean entry at this time. Surface activity  has been really active on the coastal plains and pushed the flow front to the cliffs edge and started to flow over the cliff tonight. The cause of this activity is the declining activity at Kahaualeʻa lava flow on the north side of Puʻu Oʻo cone. Those flows have diminished in the past couple days and slowly shifted the lava inflation to the coastal plains. The ocean entry also has been active and very impressive at this time. 3 or more ocean entries could be seen on our tours in the evening. Cascading rivers of red hot Lava could be witnessed within a safe distance. Incredible ocean entry. Lava tours at this time is very active and participating in a Lava Hike is high recommended at this time. We hope to see you soon. Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-April 23, 2013

Aloha! We had another beautiful night. The ocean entries were very active and the surface flows were really active as well. The active surface flow may create anther ocean entry soon as it was nearing the cliffʻs edge. Possibly in the next day or two we might be able to witness this happening. There is about 80-100 yards of ground left to cover before this surface flow hits the ocean. Up on the Pali, the surface flow is slowly advancing downhill, while the Kahaualea flow is stalling and slightly active. This flow stalled about 3 miles from Puʻu Oʻo and is active in only a few areas. Overall activity is awesome and we may see some really good activity in the next few days, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-April 22, 2013

Aloha! Our guided lava hike was successful with awesome surface flows and ocean entries. The surface flow has advanced towards the ocean in the past few days and may start another ocean entry point soon. We did have south winds, but they were not affecting our entire tour area. This allowed us to safely continue our tours. The surface flow on the Pali has advanced slightly downhill and is making it’s way to the base of the Pali slowly. Another great night as the overall activity is great, Aloha!

April 19 & 20, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha Folks! Our guided lava hikes were canceled on April 19, 2013 because of the weather. The weather was really bad and was pouring for much of the day. Excessive amounts of rain causes what is called a “White out”. A white out is steam caused by the rain and heat of the lava. Visibility drops to almost zero during a white out.

April 20, 2013 tours were awesome as all of our groups were able to see lava flowing into the ocean at the ocean entry and surface flows above the ocean entry. The Lava bench has gotten larger in size. This is a very dangerous area as it could collapse at any time without warning. At the surface flow our groups were able to safely get up close to surface flowing lava. There were multiple breakouts and we saw some really active ones. Up on the Pali, we could see the surface flow making it’s way down the hill. This flow has advanced slightly down the hillside. We could also see the glow coming from Pu’u O’o and the Kahaualea flow. Awesome activity, Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-April 17, 2013

Aloha! We had some awesome lava activity. Surface flows were great as was the ocean entry. We were able to safely get close to a few nice breakouts that were near to the ocean entry. At the ocean entry we could see three entry points. The first entry point could be seen clearly and the two others could be seen as the steam cleared. The second entry point was a wide river that was flowing fairly quick and creating the most steam and was the most active.The surface flow on the Pali could be seen and has advanced slightly down hill. Until next time, Aloha!



Guided Lava Hike-April 15, 2013

Another awesome night! Aloha everyone. Our guided lava hike was great with multiple surface breakouts and an active ocean entry. All of our Lava fanatic guests were extremely happy. Lava on the coastal plains still remain very active at this time due to rapid Inflation at the summit and also rapid deflation also. These fluctuations has played a significant role in the activity at on the coastal plains. Surface breakouts has been pretty steady for the past week and continued to steal the show for our guided LAVA tours at this time. Many different surface flows could be seen and safely approachable. The actual leading edge of the eastern flow has advanced tremendously in the past couple days and may enter the ocean soon. The ocean entry has been active and seems to be entering in multiple areas. 3 entries on the eastern flow and 2 on the southern flow. Beautiful cascading rivers and Lavafalls were seen last night. Up on the Pali the surface flow had advanced slightly and could be seen from our tour area as well as from the Kalapana Lava Viewing area. Awesome lava activity, Aloha!