December 13, 2016 4 pm Lava Boat Tour

Aloha! This afternoons tour was awesome as we had some pretty nice water conditions as well as nice lava activity. Our group was able to view lava from Kilauea volcano entering the Pacific ocean. We had a slight northeast wind, which made for great viewing. The weather also held up with only a light drizzle during one quick portion of our trip. Call 808-345-4964 or visit

P.S.- We will now be starting our 4 pm tour at 3:30 due to the sun setting earlier. Aloha!

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December 13, 2016 5 am Lava Boat Tour

Aloha and Good morning guys! We had a great morning with great activity. The ocean was calm and we had nice viewing at the ocean entry point. On the way home we found a pod of spinner dolphins that were very playful as a bonus to an already beautiful morning. Give us a call at 808-345-4964 or visit to book your next adventure. Aloha!image image



December 12, 2016 Lava Boat Tours

Aloha Folks!….

Today we had a 5 am tour as well as a 4 pm tour. We experienced calm waters for both trips. The lava activity was great for both times. Our 5 am tour was able to view the beautiful sunrise, which made for gorgeous photos. The lighting for our4 pm  tour was also great with the sun being blocked by a lot of cloud cover. All guests had an awesome time with the great lava activity and also being able to learn a little about the areas that we pass along with a little history of the previous flows. What a great day. Aloha!imageimage Continue reading

December 11, 2016 5 am and 8 am lava boat tour

Aloha and good morning everyone!…. We had two Lava Boat Tours this morning and  both were awesome….we did get a little wet on the way home on the second tour. The lava activity was really good as we could see lava entering the ocean in multiple places. The steam cloud, created by lava entering the ocean, is incredible and continues to billow up into the sky. Fairly calm waters and great activity make for an awesome time. Contact us at 808-345-4964 or www.kalapanaculturaltours.comimage image image

Lava Boat Tour – December 10, 2016 5 am

Aloha Kakahiaka! Good morning everyone. Our tour went well with pretty smooth ocean conditions and great lava activity. The littoral explosions were extremely active as lava was being thrown 60-80 feet in the air. The south wind caused the steam to blow towards the County Viewing Area, but our angle was great and we could see lava entering the ocean in  multiple areas. Call 808-345-4964 or visit us at Aloha!img_1813img_1822img_1827

December 09, 2016 4 pm Lava Boat Tour

Aloha! Our 4 pm Lava Boat tour saw multiple points were lava was entering the ocean. The ocean was calm with a slight bump due to the southerly winds. Littoral explosions could be seen every once in a while as lava was thrown up into the air. The newest black sand beaches in the world, formed as lava is broken down into tiny pieces, can be seen here. All in all it was a great evening with great views and great weather. You can contact us at 808-345-4964 or visit our website at to reserve your  chance at viewing this awesome phenomenon. Aloha!


December 08, 2016 Lava Boat Tour

Aloha! This morning we had two tours with one at 5 am and the next at 8 am. The ocean was little bumpy with the southerly winds, but the viewing was great! We were able to view multiple entry point on both trips. Our first trip consisted of photographers who were able to get many photos during the changing light. This is the recommended tour for people to view lava in the partial darkness till the sunlight becomes brighter. Awesome views with the   all the changing colors. The 8 am tour guest were women from the USA National Volleyball team. The views were amazing for them as they were amazed by Lava entering the ocean from Kilauea Volcano. Another great trip especially for them. You can join us by calling us at 808-345-4964 or visiting our website at Aloha!img_3105img_1770-2

December 7, 2016 5 am Lava Boat Tour

Aloha Everyone!….Sorry we haven’t written any blogs since July. Lava had entered the ocean on July 26 at approximately 1:15 am and has since been flowing into the ocean. The Big Island has gotten bigger since then with the Lava Delta (Bench) growing and collapsing each day. Newly formed black sand beaches have come and gone with the ever changing current and bench area. Littoral explosions can be seen with lava exploding into the air in different shapes and sizes. Join us on your next adventure by visiting our website at or calling us at 808-345-4964. Aloha!

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July 21, 2016 Morning Tour


Hope that everyone is having an awesomeday! Our July 21, 2016 morning tours were great. Our groups were able to safely view multiple surface breakouts within a few feet. The leading edge of the flow is approximately 0.5 mi away from the ocean and is widening. The tiltmeter shows an inflationary trend, which means that the volume of lava that is flowing out of the vent is at a high rate. Visit to see the progress and for more info.

image image image image image

We are also offering Bike and Hike tours in which we bike a portion of the tour and hike the other portion. Call (808) 345-4964 for more info. Hope everyone stays safe with Tropical Storm Darby on the way. Until next time, A Hui Hou and Aloha!

July 19, 2016 Tours

Aloha Once again!

Our tours have resumed and we have actively been doing them for approximately three weeks now. The surface flows are extremely active at this time. During the past three weeks the flow has advanced continuously and is approximately 0.5 mi from the ocean. During the first two weeks of the flow making its way down the Pulama Pali, there were multiple rivers of lava, some of which were burning a remaining section of the Royal Gardens subdivision.


(Above photo is from two weeks ago)

Last nights tour saw many surface breakouts and our guests were treated to an amazing show. A surface breakout happened once again near the bottom of the Pali and a nice river could be seen flowing. Awesome activity.

To book a tour call us at (808) 345-4964 or visit us at

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