December 5 2016 Lava Boat Tours

Today we had an 8 am tour and a 3:30 pm tour. The ocean conditions at this time are great as this is some of the nicest conditions we’ve had since the ocean entry started. On our 8 am trip we saw the lava gushing out from the exposed tube was now flowing like a waterfall down the cliff side. The wind was light, but was blowing enough for us to get a good view. We had heard from the other captains that the viewing had been a little bit tougher during the 5 am tour. Lucky us!….

Our 3:30 pm tour saw a big change from our 8 am trip. A new lava delta (bench) is being formed and the lava that was gushing out earlier had now been encased  by hardened lava, but we were able to see into the encased area slightly. We could also see that there were a few surface flows on the small newly formed bench area. Awesome time to book a tour guys!… Contact us at 808-345-4964 or visit Aloha!image


Lava Boat Tour 12/30/16

Aloha and Good evening! Today was busy as we had four tours booked. Our 5 am, 8 am, 1 pm, and 3:30 pm tours were treated to nice ocean conditions as well as good lava activity. We spotted Spinner Dolphins on the first three tours and they were playful. There are many babies at this time of the year and they were the most playful at times jumping out of the ocean while spinning many times. The lava continues to flow into the ocean while constantly changing. The bench area continues to grow and collapse daily, while littoral explosions shoot lava and sand into the air. All in all it was an awesome day.

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Lava Boat Tour 12/29/16 5 am tour

We are back in action! Aloha folks, we are resuming the Lava Boat Tours due to the ocean conditions calming down. Our launch time was later than 5 am due to waves breaking in the bay. The ride down was smooth and the lava activity was really good with multiple surface breakouts spilling over the sides of the bench. Strong offshore winds were blowing the plume straight offshore. Another great morning!

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December 18, 2016 Lava Boat, Lava Hike, and Lava Bike and Hike Update

Aloha again! We cancelled our boat tours and hikes and bike and hike tours today due to bumpy seas and rainy conditions. Our bike rental booth however, was open for business. We will be taking a few days off from the Lava Boat tours and will probably be back in action on Tuesday afternoon. All tours for the rest of the week will be tentative due to the oceans conditions forecasted to be a little rougher, but we’ll keep an eye on the conditions. Just a small update for you guys.

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December 17, 2016 Lava Boat, Lava Hike Lava Bike and Hike, Lava Tour update

Aloha! Our Boat Tour was canceled yesterday due to the strong southerly winds along with our Lava Hike and Lava Bike and Hike Tours. The unusually strong southerly winds creates a rough ride down to the flow, which is not normal. The usual trade winds blow from the east/northeast,so the ride down to the flow would be following seas and smooth. Our captain made the call to cancel due to decreased comfortability during transit. Boat Tours are canceled until Monday morning and will be tentative for Monday evening.

The lava hike, and lava bike and hike were also canceled due to the strong south winds, which blows the plume from the ocean entry directly over the Lava viewing area. This steam cloud consists of sulfuric acid, sulfur dioxide, and small lava particles, which are not good to inhale. The county had shut down the access point to the viewing area for the safety of visitors. For the safety of our guests and guides, our tours were also canceled.

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Lava Boat Tour – December 16, 2016 5 am

Aloha. We had an awesome morning and the lava activity is still good. We were able to view multiple entry points along with a few littoral explosions, which are spectacular. The southwest winds made for a slightly bumpy ride to the flow, but the way home was a lot smoother as we were traveling with the wind. On the way homewe saw Dolphins and caught a glimpse of some Humpback whales. Another beautiful day. Coal us at 808-345-4964 or visit


December 15, 2016 Lava Boat Tour 3:30 pm tour

Aloha and good evening! We had a great time this afternoon. The southerly winds created small chops that made for a slightly bumpy ride down to the flow, but it was worth it as the lava activity was great. With the southerly winds blowing the steam directly over the public viewing area, the viewing area had been closed. The way home was a lot smoother as we were traveling with the wind… All in all it was a great evening as we saw lava entering the ocean as well as littoral explosions. Book online at or by calling 808-345-4964 to reserve your spot. Aloha!

image image image

December 15, 2016 5 am Lava Boat Tour

Aloha! Our 5 am trip was awesome this morning. We experienced beautiful calm seas with great activity. Multiple entry point were seen along with littoral explosions every once and a while. On the way home we came across another pod of dolphins to top off another beautiful morning


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December 14, 2016 5 am Lava Boat Tour

Good morning! Our morning tour went well with a beautiful full moon setting over the hill as the sun was about to rise. The lava activity was still good as the wind was blowing the steam down the coast and away from us. We also saw dolphins again this morning on the way home. Another beautiful morning! Book your tour at or by calling 808-345-4974. Aloha and a hui hou!