Guided Lava Hike-April 03, 2013

Aloha! Still no surface flows, but the ocean entry is very active. There are a few different  entry points in the area. The ocean entry that we view is still nice and a piece of the bench had collapsed last week, which must have been spectacular except for being dangerous. The bench is dangerous because it can collapse at any time. Once the weight of the bench is too much for itself to handle it will collapse without any warning. This makes being on the bench potentially fatal. Not only being on the bench is dangerous, but being near the bench area is also dangerous because of the bits of lava that are thrown back onto the shore.

Up on the Pali, the surface flow between the abandoned Royal Gardens Subdivision and the Keoni Kipuka could be seen again. This flow is slowly advancing, but doesn’t seem to be making huge advancements. The Kahaualea flow is approximately 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o and the glow can be seen from the Kalapana area. Until next post, Aloha and A Hui Hou!

April Fools-April 01, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

The ocean entry was great, but there were no surface flows that we were able to get up close to. We were in the same area as last night and it was just as active if not more active than the previous night. Lots of new black sand is being created as well as new land, which means that Hawaii island is getting bigger each day the lava continues to flow. Up on the Pali, we could see the surface flow that was peeking over the Pulama Pali. This surface flow has advanced and may make it’s way down the hillside. Beautiful night, Aloha!

March 31, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! We had an awesome tour. There weren’t any surface flows to get up close to, but the ocean entry was awesome. Multiple entry points were seen and as we were there we witnessed small fountains of lava. Lava was being shot up into the air. This was a spectacular sight. The lava bench could be seen and this was where most of the surface flow was at. Up on the Pali, there was a surface flow that could be seen from the Kalapana Lava Viewing Area. This flow is between the abandoned Royal Gardens subdivision and the Keoni Kipuka. We had some good weather as well.Very good activity. Aloha!

Guided Lava Hike-March 27, 2013

Aloha Gang! We had some awesome activity last night. A surface flow had broken out from the side of the lava tube system and had created a river of lava that had made it’s way to the Cliffside and into the ocean. This flow was very active and moving at a good speed. We were safely able to get up close to these surface flows. The ocean entry was nice as well and was joined by the surface flow making it’ way into the Pacific Ocean. Up on the pali, we could see the surface flow, which was visible last night, peeking over the pali. Amazing night! Aloha.

Guided Lava Hike-March 26, 2013

Aloha! We had some really good lava activity and were able to find a nice surface flow. The surface flow was a little higher than it has been recently, but it was a really nice one. We also had a full moon last night, which made for a really beautiful night. The ocean entry was also really active and we were able to see the lava entering the Pacific Ocean. Every once in a while, small chunks of lava would be thrown into the air. Up on the Pali, we could see the glow from the Kahaualea flow and we also saw a couple fingers peaking it’s way over the Pali. Couple of these fingers were more easterly than the previous flow. Inflation has appeared to occur yesterday and hopefully today we will see more surface activity on the coastal plains. Until next time Aloha and a hui hou.

March 25, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! The ocean entry was very active, but we weren’t able to find any surface flow to get close to. The wind was blowing the fumes of the ocean entry away from us, so we were able to view lava entering the ocean. There are two ocean entry points and both are still very active. Up on the Pali, we could see the glow coming from Kahaualea flow. No surface flow, but still a very beautiful evening. Aloha

March 24, 2013-Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! We had some good weather last night and some lava activity as well. Our groups saw both the surface flow and the ocean entry from safe vantage points. We were able to do our tours because the winds weren’t blowing in our tour area. The ocean entry was very active and the ocean entry point we saw had a small river flowing into the Pacific ocean. The surface flows were good and we were able to get up close to them. Up n the Pali we could see the glow coming from the Kahaualea flow. Overall activity is good. Until next time, Aloha!


March 22, 2013 – Guided Lava Hike

Aloha! Surface flows were hard to find tonight, but we were able to find some small surface flows. The ocean entry however was good as our groups were able to see lava flowing into the ocean. We didn’t cancel tonight because the winds weren’t blowing the fumes into our tour area. The winds were blowing straight onshore, which is enough to miss our tour area. Up on the Pali, there was a faint glow in the sky. This glow is coming from Pu’u O’o and also from the Kahaualea flow, which is approximately 2.5 mi away from Pu’u O’o. Another great night. Aloha!

March 20 and 21, 2013 Guided Lava Tour Update

Aloha everyone again! We have cancelled all of our tours due to the strong southerly winds. These winds have made lava viewing very dangerous because of the sulfuric acid in the ocean entries plume cloud. Breathing in these type of fumes will effect your breathing capabilities and also cause death. So the past couple days we have cancelled all of our tours. We are hoping that our tours will resume soon. Until next time Aloha!!!

Guided Lava Hike – March 18, 2013 Helicopter Flight

Aloha! We were able to get a helicopter flight with David Okita,  whom is one of the best pilots on the island and in the state. The first flow that we checked out was the Kahaualea flow. This flow has split into two branches and both are active. At Pu’u O’o, lava could be seen in both of the collapse pits that we saw. After viewing these two areas, we then headed to the ocean entry. While at the ocean entry, we saw the three main entry points and noticed that the southwestern entry point was the most active. After viewing the ocean entry, we went along the coast to view some beautiful scenery, then we made our way home. A Big Mahalo to Dave Okita for the awesome flight. Aloha!