Extreme tours picking up

Aloha Kākou,

Welcome to another middle of the work week Wednesday. Our Extreme Guided Lava Hikes are getting busier, as surface flows continue along the Pulama Pali. There are still no active surface flows along the coastal plain. Guests are treated to these flows on the Guided Lava Tour. Yesterday we had a 4:30 AM (standard) Guided Tour with our guide Herbie. This Guided Tour was able to view the surface flow after participating on this Extreme Guided Hike. We’d like to remind everyone to please use sun protection as the sun on the lava field can be unforgiving. Always protect your skin while out in the sun.

We had 2 guides go out on last night’s Guided Lava Hike; Trevor and Kukui, we also had a returning guest who went out the night before. He decided to endure the extreme Guided Lava Hike again, after having a great time on his first tour. A special shout out to him for making the trek 2 days in a row! Yesterday’s weather was a little overcast, but it made for a great Lava Hike experience. Even with minimal sun, sunscreen is highly recommended. The view once the Lava Tours got to the surface flow, did not disappoint. Guests were able to view the surface flow up close and personal!

The weather for today here in Kalapana, is similar to that of yesterday. Overcast, with some light rains predicted later throughout the day. We have a slightly larger group than yesterday, and we have our own MVG (Most Valuable Guide) Herbie and one of our own ‘OG’ guide; Andrew hiking out later today on a Lava Tour. It’ll be a great tour!

Have a great rest of your day, and we’ll see you back here on Friday. Maybe we’ll have a few details from todays Lava Hiking Tours for you by then. Keep checking in with us!