Guided Tours

Happy Aloha Friday everyone!

On our Guided Lava Hike last night, with Trevor as our guide, our guests were treated to the surface flow located on the Pulama Pali. The Lava Hike went smoothly, and weather conditions were favorable. The views of the landscape along the coastal plain are amazing.  Presently, we are still offering our extreme Lava Tours at 4:30 am or 2:30 pm. Our Lava Hikes are about 10 miles round trip, as you all may know this Guided Lava Hike is considered extreme and recommended for intermediate to advanced hikers. Doing a Guided Lava Tour is the only way to safely see the lava/surface flow at this time, and is highly suggested. Our guides have taken numerous Lava Tours to the top of the Pulama Pali safely. Our guide Trevor said his guests that were scheduled on his Guided Lava Hike were great, and got along well with each other. This makes the experience on our Lava Tours even more special. Here at Kalapana Cultural Tours, we love to hear that our Lava Tour guests arrive as strangers, and leave feeling like ‘ohana. Have a great weekend!