Lava Activity Update

Aloha Kākou!

It’s Wednesday! Middle of the work week once again! We apologize for late update, but we were unable to log into our blog, but now we’re back!  Here in Kalapana, we have nice sunny skies, breezy wind, although it is a muggy. This usually means that it will rain sometime soon.

Our Extreme Guided Tours have still been able to get to the active surface flow. On Saturday we had our guides Herbie and Chris take out a tour of 8 people. We had 2 people walk in and inquire about the tour, they debated between each other for a while, and eventually decided to join us on our Guided Lava Tour. They and everyone else on the Guided Lava Tour had a great time.

Our Guided Tour on Sunday had a group of 4 persons, and had Trevor as a guide. Trevor and his group were also able to find the active surface flow (pictures on IG and FB).  This tour was able to stay a little longer at the surface flow, because they were such fast hikers. While on tour Guide Trevor apologized for walking too fast, for which he got a reply of “you’re walking too slow..” Imagine Trevors surprise, because he rarely gets this response, none of our guides do. Trevor could then walk a little faster to have a more comfortable pace.

On Monday, we had Jaci as our guide for our Lava Tour, she had a group of 4 persons. They were also quick hikers, and she had a great time with them. They were once again able to view the surface flow up close. Upon arriving back, they traded picture and information as they all became friends during their Guided Lava Hike.

Guides Trevor and Kukui had the biggest group yet, they were joined with 18 persons on the Extreme Guided Lava Tour. All guests were intermediate to advanced hikers, and were able to keep a steady pace. Kukui and Trevor did a history introduction before departing the office. They tell a little story about the area in which our office is located, as it is a family home. After the little history story is told, they then departed and started their Lava Tour. They were able to view the surface flow with all 18 guests, each and every one of them had a great time!


As an update Hawaii County has decided to close the Kalapana Lava Viewing Area due to increased seismic activity and deformation recorded since Monday. Hundreds of earthquakes have been recorded in the past few days, and caused the Pu’u ‘O’ō crater floor to collapse.  For more information on the crater you can go online at