Lava Boat Tour

A thrilling way to see the entry point where lava pours into the ocean. Kalapana Ocean Tours guests are ohana (family) and will love the exciting opportunity to see the lava flow with a small and personable tour.

2 to 2 ½ - Boat Tour

Lava Boat & Bike or Hike Tour

Best value! Take the morning boat tour to see lava entering the ocean and then, in the afternoon, enjoy a sunset land tour (hike or bike) where a local Hawaiian guide you to a land lava opportunity while the sunsets!

2 ½ to 3 hrs - Boat Tour + Hike/Bike Tour Time

Lava Morning Hike

Join us on a tour to discover lava flows, hear cultural stories and discover how Pele changes the earth. We’ll stand at the foot of her creation and you can experience the spiritual and cultural meaning of this natural phenomenon.

4-7 hours – Moderate/Treacherous

Lava Afternoon Hike

Why not discover this natural phenomenon with the people that experienced flowing lava first hand in the mid to late 1980s and early 90s?

4-7 hours – Moderate/Treacherous

Bike & Hike Tours

Guides take guests to “hunt” for the active surface flow that many others can’t easily find on their own. Guests are also treated to the ocean entry where they can view the vibrant lava oozing into the ocean while the sunsets.


Bike Rentals

Rent a bike from us and go there yourself!