We experienced the 1980/90’s flow!

Hike out to early flows with natives guides who actually experienced living with this amazing reality!  Lava goddess Pele is a s strong cultural influence as she forms our island and lives in very real ways. Join us on a tour to discover lava flows, hear cultural stories and discover how Pele changes the earth. We’ll stand at the foot of her creation and you can experience the spiritual and cultural meaning of this natural phenomenon.

Not Available
Online Price AdultAges 12+ Only


  • 10-12 miles round trip
  • 6-8 Hours
  • Departs 4:30 am
  • Hike Level: All participants MUST be physically fit

Safety / Requirements / Terms

Boat Tour Restrictions

  • NO pregnancies
  • NO recent neck, back, hip, knee injuries (or any injuries that could be aggravated while on tour)
  • NO respiratory, heart problems, major illnesses
  • Age restrictions apply
  • If you get sea sick (motion sickness) please use Dramamine, or any other type of motion sickness medication (used at your own discretion).
  • You will be on open water, and will most likely get wet while on tour.
  • Once the boat has departed, the captains will not turn the tour around if you are feeling sick / nauseous.
  • Vessel is not handicapped accessible.

Bike & Hiking Restrictions/Requirements

  • All participants MUST be physically fit
  • NO Pregnancies allowed
  • NO back/ knee/ hip/ foot injuries
  • NO major surgeries within the past 6 months
  • NO respiratory problems. Example: heart problems, chronic asthma... (or other chronic illnesses)
  • Must be in good physical health
  • Ages 12+ are allowed to participate

DISCLAIMER: Please note prices may change due to the distance and conditions of the Lava flow. Information provided above may change due to the distance and conditions of the Lava Flow. There are no refunds after services have been rendered.