Weekend is over, but the lava is still flowing

Aloha Kākou!

It’s another Monday. Here in Kalapana we have breezy weather and sunny skies. This past weekend we experienced some rain, and over cast skies, but our Extreme Lava Hike Tours were still conducted. We are still conducting the extreme hikes, as there is no surface flow on the coastal plain, and the flows remain on the Pulama Pali.

On our Guided Lava Tour this past Friday, we found ourselves with first timer and beginner hikers. Once again this hiking tour is EXTREME, and we recommend it for Intermediate to Advanced Hikers. On this particular Guided Tour we had one guide go out, as it was a group of 5 persons. They did take a little longer than expected, but they were able to experience the surface flow up close and personal.

For our Guided Lava Tour on Saturday, we had a slightly larger group of 7 persons, and we had 2 go our guides go out. We had Guide Herbie and Chris embark on this extreme Lava Tour. This tour was a mixture of beginner to intermediate hikers, and they were able to once again view the surface flow on the Pulama Pali. All guests were more than happy with the view.

Yesterdays Guided Lava Hike we found ourselves with a lager group. We had 11 people on our tour, with guides Jaci and Herbie. A larger tour means that the tours are expected to take a little longer because of everyones hiking abilities. This Guided Tour did once again get up to the surface flow, and some guests were even treated to a little extra time at the surface flow location for some photo opportunities. Great job Herbie and Jaci!

As a reminder this hike is EXTREME, you will be hiking over uneven lava terrain, there are no footpaths, or marked trails. Our guides do this tour everyday and are aware of where they are going, and the dangers involved. They try to find the most ‘smoothest’ area to walk. For those of you who are unfamiliar with lava terrain, it is no way a flat surface, it is very brittle and some pieces are easy to break apart. If there are any accidents, such as falls, a few band aids will be needed. Please read over all our safety restrictions and requirements, and make sure you or any one in your group does not fall under any of those categories. This is not only for your safety and comfort, but for the safety and comfort of the whole group.

Have a great day and see you back here on Wednesday!